With over 30 years of experience in special effects and digital experiences, I am pleased to offer my online services specializing in hand drawn special effects and animation production. 

I have worked with numerous major studios and animation companies including Medi-Cine Productions, Disney Features, Amblimation, Dreamworks, Disney TV, Universal Studio, Warner Bros, Film Roman, Star, THQ, Duck Soup and many more studios in Los Angeles.  I graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts located in Singapore in 1975 and majored in visual communication at Bolton College, England in 1979.  While in England, I worked as a special effects artist for various major companies and continued my career in Los Angeles. 

The rendering services I can provide will depend on each client's production pipeline and preferences.  The work product can be either hand drawn on paper or on a digital tablet. Special effects subjects include fire, water, smoke, explosion, props, character's shadow, character's tone, magical illusion and much more.  Please check here for more information about hand drawn effects animation.

My website located at www.framecount.com is a great forum for displaying my skills and previous projects and also provides you with an easy and efficient way to review work product.  Clients will be granted access to Framecount's free file transfer protocol service (FTP) with their own unique username and password for uploanding and downloading work at their convenience at any location.  This ensures that work may be reviewed immediately upon completion through any remote desktop, laptop, ipad or phone device.  Additionally, my pricing schedule eliminates the problem of the unpredictable hourly rates charged typically in the industry by charging a fixed rate per footage ($/foot) according to a client's xsheet in the given scene. For more information please click here.
If any of my work interests you and your company, please do not hesitate to contact me on my online contact form